Talk about Bucària it’s synonymous of dedication, sacrifice, to pursue a dream despite the obstacle of the walk.

In a spectacular spot, with a favourable weather, we focus on the production of olive oil, but not any olive oil, but one of the best Gourmet olive olils the Valencian territory.

A high quality olive oil produced and packaged by our family company, Masía Terrers, on the farm where we cultivate our land for more than 4 generations and where our old oil mill was located at the beginning of the 20th century.

Bucària is the result of a dream and decades of effort, being today one of the most appreciated olive oil by consumers in Spain and abroad. An organic olive oil, rich in nuances and aromas and of exceptional quality.

We invite you to watch a video about the production in our olive oil mill

The organic cultivation and the cold extraction lend to our olive oil ideal attributes to consume raw with meat, fish, fresh vegetables, foams, cold soups and bread.

Stands out for its fruity aromas of green olive, freshly cut grass, tomato and apple

Sweet entry in mouth with lightly spicy, complex, balanced and very fluid

Bucària obtains a Gold Medal at Olive Japan 2018 International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, before more than 700 olive oil references of the world.

Award obtained with our Organic Extra Virgin Oil of Arbequina

Complete Process of Production


Sustainability: AgroCompost Project


We participate in the Composting Research and Experimentation Project, AgroCompost.

We have enabled a composting pilot position in our farmhouse. The objectives are to produce our compost, from the organic remains generated in the process of obtaining the oil and thus be able to study its properties.

In this way, we managed to reduce organic waste, conditioning and re-introducing them into the earth with new nutrients.

Obtaining a completely organic EVOO, elaborated in a sustainable way.